The Book

Myanmar (Burma) - Journeys through a Forgotten Land

Front Matter

Part I: Introducing Myanmar and Its Peoples
 1: Destination Myanmar!
 2: So Where Is Myanmar?
 3: Climate, Flora, and Fauna
 4: Who Is Burmese and Who Is not?
 5: Demons, Gods, and Faith: Religion in Myanmar
Part II: The First Journey
 1: Yangon-The Capital of Myanmar
 2: Bagan-A World of Wonders on the Central Plain
 3: On the Road to Mandalay
 4: Mandalay-The Last Royal Capital
Part III: The Second Journey
 1: Travelling East
 2: Krung Thep, the City of Angels
 3: Yangon, the End of Strife, and Meeting Aung Aung and Preparing for the Journey
 4: The Start of a Long Journey: From Yangon to Lake Inle in Southern Shan State
 5: The Shan and Their Country
 6:On and around Lake Inle
 7:Inside Pa-O Territory-Visiting Kak Ku and Indein
 8:From Southern Shan State to Mandalay
 9: Mandalay, the Royal City of the North, and Who Took My Coach?
 10: A Slow Ride to the Northern Shan Plateau and Lashio
 11: Lashio, the Gateway to China, and Where Law and Order End
 12: A Day-Trip to the Former Principality of Hsipaw
 13:A Serendipitous Meeting with His Royal Highness Sao Oo Kya
 14: Who Killed Sao Kya Seng, the Last Prince of Hsipaw?
 15: Returning to Mandalay
 16: A Long Ride North into Kachin State
 17: The Kachin and Their Country
 18: Myitkyina, the Birthplace of a Mighty River
 19: The End of a Long Journey
Back Matter: Reading List

cover The German version of my travelogue "Myanmar (Burma) - Reisen durch das Land der Pagoden" was published in May 2002 by Reise Know-How publishing house.
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